When were Mushrooms made Illegal | Magic Mushshrooms Legality

In the old days, when officials had not created laws against the consumption of magic mushrooms yet, people were free to use and ingest shrooms at any time in any place. These magic mushrooms have hallucinogenic effects that can alter the mind and imagination of the person taking them.

Past users have varying experiences from pleasant to scary hallucinations. Despite knowing this, people started to abuse its use and in turn, was considered illegal in a lot of countries. The officials passed laws that prohibit the possession, sale, transport, and cultivation of these magic mushrooms, and since then, the authorities have enforced these rules.

Convention on Psychotropic Substances

A lot of people are probably wondering when magic mushrooms become illegal. In the year 1971, the United Nations developed an international treaty called the Convention on Psychotropic Substances that prohibits the production, consumption, and distribution of magic mushrooms and other substances containing psilocybin and psilocin.

Since then, a lot of countries have shown their support, and others also developed their laws against these hallucinogenic substances.  

Where are they legal?

Psilocybin mushrooms are still legal to possess, cultivate, transport, and sell in other countries like the Bahamas, Jamaica, Nepal, and Samoa. Some countries did not entirely prohibit any activity with regards to mushrooms because they still allow cultivation or possession and banned the sale and transport.

For example, in Austria, the possession and cultivation of magic mushrooms are legal, and the sale and transportation are illegal. The government allows the cultivation of mushrooms in Austria as long as the planters do not intend to use them as drugs.

Another example is the country of the British Virgin Islands. The possession and cultivation of shrooms are legal, but the sale and transportation are illegal. However, despite the laws against the sale of these shrooms, the police do not enforce the rules, and stores or businesses openly sell them. 

Where are they illegal? 

There are a lot of countries that banned magic mushrooms and their species like the golden teacher. Some of these countries are Bolivia, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Nevertheless, some places are not enforcing the same law, and that is why magic mushrooms are still cultivated, possessed, sold, and transported. Also, other countries prohibit any activities regarding mushrooms but only allow the cultivation of these magic mushrooms as long as they are grown using spores and grow kits.

Some states allow the use of mushrooms for research purposes because studies show that they can be an effective cure and remedy for some severe illnesses and disorders.

Why are magic mushrooms illegal?

The reason why magic mushrooms are illegal in many countries is due to the high potential for abuse and safety risks to the public. A lot of young people are discovering the use of magic mushrooms, and this is slowly pulling them down to addiction.

Once some users get addicted to mushrooms or start abusing them, they will begin to crave more and opt to do much stronger drugs like marijuana or heroin. Because of this reason, the number of people that lose their function in society increases.

Many would-be unemployed, some would start doing criminal things, and others hurt or harm other people. The temptation that magic mushrooms give to people is hard to resist, especially when the first-timer experiences a trip that has given them the best time in their life. As everyone knows, too much of something is not optimal.

The Future of Magic Mushrooms

Even with the current laws of countries today, whether these magic mushrooms are legal or not, surveys cannot deny that a lot of people still go out of their way to violate these laws to satisfy their cravings or to earn cash. The leniency of trafficking the drug will depend from country to country, some being more lenient than others.

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