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Weed & Mushrooms | Cannabis & Magic Mushroom Drug Interaction

Magic mushrooms and Cannabis are notoriously well-known because of their infamous reputation and misunderstood use and image. People would often put them in a bag light, with their association with drugs and other illegal substances.

Magic mushrooms are still listed as illegal substances in most countries, and Cannabis is often mistaken for weed, which people use recreationally. Though Cannabis is slowly being accepted because of its medicinal properties, people still need to go through a lot of processes and obtain documents to be able to purchase supplies.

With magic mushrooms, studies and research are underway to prove their therapeutic properties. Both are challenging conventional medicine and pharmacy. Both have the potential to address problems in mental health, pain, and other severe illnesses. Since there is already access, people now ask if both substances can be taken together. What do people need to know about weeds and mushrooms in terms of drug interaction? Here is a helpful guide:

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a natural compound found in hemp or marijuana. It is a substance that can bring calm and sedative effects to a person, which is why it is classified as a downer. People have long used it for recreational purposes, and it has gained a reputation for causing addiction.

Medical marijuana is not void of the addictive substance while retaining its medicinal properties. The most common way of consuming Cannabis is by smoking or vaping them, brewing the dried leaves and flowers as tea, or mixing them in edibles like brownies and candies.

There are a lot of product derivatives, which range from gums to topicals. 

What is Magic Mushroom?

magic mushrooms laid on the table dispensary in santa cruz caMagic mushrooms are officially listed as substances that have no medicinal value, but this is about to change in the future since studies are claiming otherwise. The substance is already under various research proving its therapeutic properties and possible treatment for depression and anxiety.

Unlike Cannabis, shrooms & psychedelic truffles can easily grow in a lot of wet and cold areas. It is difficult to control their wild population. Some species are easy to cultivate at home, and others are not because of the specific substrate and environmental conditions they require.

Magic mushrooms do not come in various products because they are mostly eaten fresh, dried, or powdered. 

Weed and Magic Mushroom Interaction

Most mushroom users swear by the advantage of using weed to combat some adverse side effects of the magic mushrooms. Cannabis can lessen nausea and anxiety caused by the trip and make them feel more relaxed through it. This is called a synergistic effect, wherein one substance intensifies the impact of the other. The high one can get from both is characterized by having intense abstract and thought-provoking sensations and visuals. 

The experience can both be positive and negative. The coming down of the trip will be smoother, but there is also a tendency of having repetitive and indecisive thought patterns. Those who are having a bad trip will find this problematic and overwhelming. Experienced users can enjoy the combination of both, but the dose must be still at the minimum to avoid any adverse effects. 

A Word of Caution When using Magic Mushrooms & Weed

Everything can be enjoyable when done in moderation. Magic mushrooms and weed can both give a great experience, but they can also cause harmful effects when misused. Both substances have their potentials in making a person feel better, and it would take expertise, the right dose, and the right mindset to get good results.

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