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Shrooms vs acid | Magic Mushroom Drug Comparisons

The use of psychedelic drugs has spread, and most people have already tried using some of them. These drugs have psychoactive elements that can trigger the state of consciousness of someone who takes it. It can cause hallucinations that can be visual or auditory. The psychedelic drugs vary in their effects, way of preparation, amount of dosage that the user should take, and either synthetic or natural. For first-time users, they may compare shrooms vs. acids and the difference between these two may be hard to recognize without knowing their composition.

Acid and Psilocybin Mushrooms 

Magic mushrooms are one of the most famous psychedelic drugs known because people who want to use them can get their hands on them without difficulty. Magic mushroom growing kits are even available online to buy when someone wants to grow it on his or her own. S

hrooms can flourish for a span of two weeks using the growing kits that people can buy from online stores, and they can grow from 1 to 3 days naturally in the forest with the appropriate amount of rain, right condition of the soil, and moisture weather. Their growth depends on their environment and the moisture they receive. 

On the other hand, acid is not grown because it is synthetic and undergoes a process before it can be ready for consumption. It is also known as LSD or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. The discovery of acid was an accident when Swiss Chemist Albert Hofmann unintentionally ingested LSD when he touched his mouth and got high. He was the first person in the world who learned about the psychedelic properties of LSDs extracted from the fungus that grew on rye.

Researchers started studies on LSD after these, but a lot halted because of the abuse of its use. Also, users measure most of the psychedelic drugs in grams for their dosage, but they measure LSDs in hundredths of a gram because of its extreme effects.

What they do to the brain

Magic mushrooms contain a psychoactive drug called Psilocybin that the body converts into Psilocin once ingested. It can be taken through chewing or mixing the dried shrooms in honey. The Psilocin makes its way to the brain and prevents the reuptake of the brain’s Serotonin. In physiology, Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that modulates mood, cognition, memory, and numerous physiological processes.

That is why the users of shrooms experience hallucinations because of the disruption of the Serotonin’s work. The effects of shrooms alter the user’s senses, making it hard for the user to distinguish reality from all the hallucinations. The hallucinations can be good or bad. Some will experience euphoria, the kin awareness of the senses, synesthesia, spiritual feelings, and some users might even experience a bad trip like paranoia or extreme fear for the safety of their life. 

The effects of LSD, when compared to psilocybin mushrooms, produce images that are more fast-moving wave-like visual hallucinations. The LSD trip experience is filled with wild & vivid images, while the shroom user’s experience will still have a connection with nature and reality. The adventure on acid or LSDs is more intense than shrooms, and it leaves effects that users can experience even weeks after the drug wears off. Just like shrooms, LSD also affects the brain’s Serotonin.

The Serotonin unintentionally traps the LSD in its inside, and this causes it to fire continuous hallucinations. The effects can last for twelve hours or more, unlike for shrooms, lasting only for four to six hours. LSD can also cause flashbacks even when it was months ago after taking his last dose of acid. It can suddenly appear on any occasion where it feels like the user is reliving the intense high he has experienced from his latest intake of LSD. 

Should I get magic mushrooms instead of LSD?

Yes. Magic mushrooms cause less harm to the user compared to LSD. The intake of psychedelic drugs can be fun, and when the intention is for relaxation or the creative mind for the user experience. However, too much consumption of mushrooms and LSD can lead to dependency on the drug, a sign indicative of degrading mental health.

Users of acid, DMT and magic mushrooms, or other psychedelic drugs should further research the effects and consider the pros and cons before taking them. Acids vs. shrooms; which do you prefer?

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