Introduction to Shroom Edibles

People have been consuming magic mushrooms for centuries. It’s been a practice that goes as far back as the time of the ancient Mesoamericans, maybe even farther. Whatever the case, the practice of eating magic mushrooms persists today.

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to eat these mushrooms. Some choose to eat it for its therapeutic benefits. Others eat it to have a meditative experience. Some people like to eat them for recreational purposes.

Unfortunately, eating mushrooms isn’t enjoyable for everyone. The mushroom trip is indeed fun. But, eating the actual mushroom can be difficult for many people. This is because raw mushrooms don’t taste too good. They can often taste like dirt.

Fortunately, there is a way to eat these mushrooms without the terrible taste. You can opt to eat magic mushroom edibles instead!

Shroom Edibles: What is It?

So, what are shroom edibles?

To be frank, all magic mushrooms are edible shrooms. But being edible does not necessarily mean that it tastes good. This is a fact that many people who eat shrooms face. They’ll often have to get over the terrible taste before going on that mushroom trip.

People have tried to make the eating experience a little more pleasant. For example, some people try taking shroom tea instead. But this tea can have the bitter taste that is characteristic of mushrooms. So, many still look for alternatives. Shroom edibles are a perfect example of a better-tasting option.

If you’re familiar with cannabis edibles, magic mushroom edibles are the same. These edibles are much like cannabis edibles but contain hallucinogenic mushrooms instead.

How are Psilocybin Edibles Made?

Making a shroom edible doesn’t take much. It’s like making any other edible you can find in the market. But, one of the most important ingredients here would be psychedelics.

Typically, you start with your magic mushrooms. Once you have the mushrooms you want to put in your edibles, you will have to turn them into powder. You’ll have to dry and dehydrate your shrooms to do this. Doing this allows you to mix your shrooms into your edibles better. Plus, it helps mask the bitter taste shrooms usually have!

After you have your powdered shrooms, you can mix them in with your other ingredients! So, that would mean mixing it in with your gummy or chocolate mixture. The possibilities are endless when you want to make your shroom edibles.

You could do this at home too. But, sometimes, the quality may not turn out so great. So, buying these from a specialty shroom store may be better. That way, you’re assured of having quality psilocybin edibles.

Kinds of Magic Mushroom Edibles

Shroom edibles come in all shapes and forms. This is possible because you can throw powdered shrooms into just about any dish! What’s more, the potency can vary based on the amount of psilocybin in the edibles. So, you can have it as strong or as mellow as you want!

Shroom Tea

magic mushroom tea with shrooms on the side

As mentioned earlier, they can come in the form of shroom tea. So, you can have a cup of Earl Gray infused with shrooms! Of course, you may still taste the bitterness of the magic mushrooms. But, you could add some lemon juice or ginger to help make it tastier and palatable.

Shroom tea acts faster in terms of the effects. So, you’ll feel the magic mushrooms hit right away. But, you should also know that the effects wear off quickly. So, it’s perfect if you want that quick psychedelic boost!

Shroom Chocolate

dried mushroom with chocolates in a wooden table

Shroom chocolates are another form of psilocybin edibles. This is perfect for you if you love chocolates and shrooms. What’s more, these edibles are made so that you don’t feel like you’re eating shroom edibles! So, you get all the chocolatey goodness and none of the powdered shroom texture and taste.

These edibles can have varying effects based on the potency you want. So, the more shrooms it has, the stronger it is. Fortunately, they come in a variety of doses. This makes it a perfect edible to have! You can pop one and wait for the effects to set in.

Shroom Gummies

assorted colored gummies

One of the most popular types of shroom edibles is gummies. These are perfect for you if you want something fruity and tangy. Plus, they taste a lot like your typical gummy candies! So this would explain why many people prefer these types of edibles.

Most shroom gummies come in fixed dosages. So, how much you want to have depends on how many pieces you want. Whatever the case, you start feeling the psychedelics in under an hour. Once they hit, you’ll be good for a few hours or so!

Magic Mushroom Alternatives to Chew On!

Magic mushrooms can take you on an exciting psychedelic trip! But, eating them isn’t always such a pleasant experience. Sometimes, trips start uncomfortably because of the bitter taste psychedelic mushrooms have.

Fortunately, shroom edibles exist to make the trip experience more pleasant! They take away the bitter taste of eating shrooms and replace them with a more enjoyable eating experience. Moreover, they come in teas, chocolates, and gummies, among many other varieties!

So, try out shroom edibles if you want a different shroom-eating experience!

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