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Preparing your favorite magic mushroom is not always easy, especially when you regularly consume it in the same way. Being creative on how you serve it is truly satisfying, and it can also add to the fun of taking magic mushrooms. Some like to take shrooms with their coffee while others top a dash of magic mushroom powder onto their pizza.

There are different ways of how shroom users can prepare a magic mushroom burger. Here are some easy steps you can follow when preparing one.

Step 1: Prepare the usual Ingredients.

dried magic mushroom in handA burger magic mushroom will not taste right without the proper ingredients. These ingredients must complement the magic mushroom flavor to avoid any unpleasant taste. The following items must be present:

  • magic mushroom
  • ground beef
  • parsley leaves 
  • minced onions
  • hamburger buns
  • powdered pepper
  • potato sticks
  • lettuce leaves
  • olive oil
  • chicken stock

Step 2: Patties

Burgers are not burgers without any patties, whether it is the ordinary burger or the magic mushroom burgers. Then, get a large bowl and put the ground beef, parsley, and minced onions. Mix them well together until they look like one ingredient.

After mixing, proceed to form them in a circular shape or whatever shape of your liking as long as it can cover the hamburger buns you have prepared. When the patties are ready, cook the patties until they are brown and cooked.

Step 2: The Slaw


Get a saute pan and heat an amount of olive oil, not too much and not too little. Add the desired amount of mushroom and stir it for some time.

Then, add salt, pepper, and chicken stock and saute for three to five minutes. The shroomer can eat the slaw as a side dish, or he can use it like butter on the patties.

Step 3: The Buns

The buns will hold your burger ingredients together, so it is necessary to get the best quality. Grill the buns inside out on a separate pan until it begins to turn brown. Remove it once you see the colors.

Step 4: Arrangement

After doing the previous steps, slice the lettuce leaves into the desired length and width. Get the buns, place the patties, the lettuce, and the slaw if wanted. It is also okay to add your favorite burger ingredients like tomato and other sauces. The other ingredients rest upon your cravings.

People who are consuming magic mushrooms for recreation or medication are now finding various ways to prepare their mushrooms. It is always good to have a recipe handy when someone wants to prepare his mushroom uniquely.

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