How to Pick Magic Mushrooms from Cow Patties

As a mushroom forager, you probably know shrooms grow in almost any environment. One place where you’ll frequently find them growing would be in a cow patty.

But did you know you could grow hallucinogenic mushrooms from cow patties?

This information may not be surprising to most of you, especially if you’re a seasoned mushroom hunter, but old cow piles are a favorite place for a variety of mushroom species. But, just like your psychedelic substance, poisonous mushrooms also love to grow on cow poop. 

Before anything else, there are some things you’ll have to understand about all this.


Curious About Magic Mushrooms from Cow Patties?

Before we get to the exciting part, it would be good to explain how it works. You’ll better understand how to hunt for those shrooms on the ground on your next adventure. 

Cows munch on grass and digest what they’ve eaten several times on the count that they have four stomachs. Through this, they can produce cow dungs rich in nitrogen and very low in stomach acid. This manure makes it highly nutritious and the choice of fertilizer for most farmers.

These cow piles in cattle pastures and farmer’s fields have spores and seeds. It remains undigested and can grow directly from the cow pie. 

Couple that with days of heavy rain and more environmental moisture, and you have the ideal setting for magic mushroom growth. This is how some small plants and fungi grow in cow dung.

So, Can I Go Mushroom Hunting?

Now that you understand the whys behind hallucinogenic mushrooms from cow dung, can you start collecting as soon as the lightning strikes? Unfortunately, no.

While psilocybe cubensis can grow from cow piles, other species can also grow. Remember, poisonous kinds grow as quickly on cow piles, just like your psilocybes.

So, before you start collecting, you’ll need to ensure you’re prepared before picking magic mushrooms. It can help you avoid getting mushroom poisoning or organ failure.

What Do I Need Then?

There are several things you will have to take into consideration before you go foraging. After all, it’s good not to jump into something blindly, lest you want to endanger yourself. So, before anything else, ensure you have a few things sorted out.

The Right Place

First, you must find a field to search for cow dung. If you own cattle pastures or know owners of such, then asking their permission will be easy.

If not, don’t just illegally jump the barbed wire at a random farmer’s field. Be sure to ask permission before going through the lot.

Once you’ve found your place, you can start collecting your mushrooms. 


Aside from looking in the fields, try looking at the tree lines and rotting logs. If you also want to maximize your search of the place, follow a grid-like pattern when investigating.

The Right Time

When it comes to hunting shrooms, the process may seem simple. However, there is more to it to keep in mind.

The ideal time for any mushroom to grow would be after times of heavy rain. Remember that more moisture makes it the perfect environment for many psychoactive mushrooms to grow. 

Psilocybin mushrooms love all that moisture. So, be sure to time your hunt right and pick them after a storm.

The Right Equipment

Like any other hunt or harvesting, you’ll need the right equipment.

You’ll be stepping in tall grass, mud, and cow dung. So, get a good pair of rubber boots to help you navigate the field while picking mushrooms.

Also, it would be good to bring your container and a pair of scissors to help you pick mushrooms and store them easily. Even paper bags would do.

It keeps them fresh and potent as you go along and pick shrooms.

boots for magic mushroom foraging

The Know-How

When you begin a mushroom hunt, knowing what to avoid picking and what kinds are safe is essential. It’s a matter of life and death in some cases and also very much just common sense.

It’s important to know that psychedelic mushrooms are illegal in some countries and states. Research your area and the decriminalized drugs list before searching for these shrooms.

Ready to Pick Magic Mushrooms from Cow Patties?

It’s already known that cow manure can be good enough for fertilizer. But picking magic mushrooms from cow patties is a whole different thing. Still, you have to know what you’re getting yourself into. Remember that while you can find psilocybin mushrooms, you can pick poisonous species. So, make sure to be careful and prepare yourself for the task.

Whether you need to research or bring a guide to help identify mushrooms, knowing what you’re doing is good. Coming in without adequate knowledge and preparation is the worst thing you can do while hunting for mushrooms.

Experience the rewards of your efforts by exploring the various species you have obtained through hunting or collecting. From psilocybe mushrooms to other edibles, it can be a thrilling journey as you discover and experiment with their different effects on your body and mind. With so many ways to enjoy everything you’ve gathered, it’s an exciting time to be in the wild.

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