News Update Feb 2022: Magic Mushrooms in Arizona

Each year, we have managed to better ourselves in several aspects of our lives. They are continuously shifting ideologies that adapt to more progressive ideas. The technologies people use in their lives are examples of how humans progress. It only makes sense that things would improve to better oneself.

When it comes to progress, one of the aspects of humankind where this is most apparent is science. There’s always bound to be a discovery or a clearer understanding of certain things. This is with scientists constantly studying different subject matter. Consequently, these discoveries change the way people see things, and it even helps them understand things better.

One perfect example of science and research helping improve is medicine. As the area evolves, people are learning more ways to improve medicine. If not for research, humankind would have never been able to find a way to treat certain diseases better.

Research has also helped bring forward newer alternative treatments not considered before. This is with learning how to treat certain diseases with current methodologies better. Magic mushrooms happen to be one of those alternatives. This alternative came under the attention of many medical research efforts.

It was once seen as a recreational drug with no good to bring. Shrooms have become a possible alternative treatment for a few mental disorders. What’s more, research still hasn’t fully understood these psychedelic mushrooms. This means that there’s still a lot of potential to unlock what magic mushrooms can do.

Despite the research and the proof, some still find a hard time seeing the good in these shrooms. For example, places in the US still see this as an addictive substance and nothing more. So, what does that mean for magic mushrooms in Arizona?

Brief Background: What is a Magic Mushroom?

Magic mushrooms have been around for centuries, and several different groups of ancient people used this. These psychedelic mushrooms have been widespread for quite a long time.

In ancient times, people used these shrooms to heal physical ailments, and it was also used to help achieve an elevated state of mind. People believed that these mushrooms had divine powers, revered as practically sacred. It was these powers that helped people communicate with nature and higher beings.

In recent history, magic mushrooms have become something of a recreational substance. Like it was used centuries ago, people used mushrooms for meditation purposes. They also became a substance you can take to go on a trip. This may involve hallucinations or an out-of-body experience. Unlike how it was once used for rituals, it became more of a recreational substance.

Of course, people also began to learn more about magic mushrooms over time. For example, scientists discovered that what made these mushrooms so magical was psilocybin. This psilocybin handles the trip-inducing ability of the mushroom. This is what made people seek out these psychoactive mushrooms.

Arizona’s Stance on Illicit Substances

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Besides other recreational substances, shrooms are controversial and highly contentious. You can chalk it up to its rather complicated history. This is a topic that’s meant for a different conversation. As you can’t change the past, all you can deal with is how it’s viewed in the present.

When it comes to laws about drugs and dangerous drugs, most states in the US have similar stands. Simply put, these substances are seen as something that can only harm a person, and as such, they must be kept away from people.

As time goes on, people learn and understand more about specific substances. Their perception of them changes. Sometimes, stigmas end up being correct. It brings about a more positive reception of certain substances. Marijuana is a perfect example of this.

The Move to Legalize Recreational Marijuana and the Medical Marijuana Program

Years ago, marijuana had a negative stigma associated with it. The name “marijuana” alone is proof of its stigma. However, as people learned more about it, they began to see that cannabis wasn’t as bad as it was made out to be. This consequently brought about changes in how people treated cannabis.

This happened in Arizona, albeit at a relatively gradual pace. The medical benefits of cannabis made it possible for Arizona to legalize it. Eventually, lawmakers went for the decriminalization of cannabis. Finally, even its recreational use was legalized.

With all these, people changed how they saw the substance. From being labeled as an illegal drug, it became beneficial. The people of Arizona believed it did no harm and could benefit if used appropriately.


Current Laws on Psilocybin Mushrooms and Its Future in Arizona

Unfortunately, unlike cannabis, magic mushrooms don’t have such a positive reception among lawmakers. Psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelic substances are considered controlled substances. More specifically, they’re classified as schedule 1 drugs, and as such, they’re viewed as dangerous drugs.

Possessing shrooms will get you charged with a class 4 felony. This is because it is viewed as a dangerous drug. Despite being the least severe, you will still have to serve some time in jail and possibly pay a fine. It might not seem that harsh, but having a felony record could affect your future.

You might think it’s unfortunate that Arizona views these substances that way. You’re not wrong to think so, as these mushrooms have so much good to give. With a somewhat troubled past, people end up seeing these shrooms as that’s entirely evil.

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However, magic mushrooms have already proven more beneficial than harmful. This is especially in the medical field. One study even states that shrooms could be an alternative to antidepressant medication. This is most especially for depressed patients. If anything, that proves that it has some good to give.

Despite this, not all hope is lost, as there’s still some progress in the US regarding shrooms. Cities and states in the US are slowly starting to decriminalize these psychedelics. Science shows more undeniable proof that these shrooms are good. Of course, it will take some time. But, with science backing it up, changing how people see these mushrooms is bound to change.

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