News Update Feb 2022: Magic Mushrooms in Alabama

It’s the year 2022. 30 or so years ago, people used to think that they’d be living in their envisioned future by this time. Unfortunately, flying cars aren’t the primary mode of transport, and people aren’t also living in self-sustaining cities. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean humans haven’t come a long way. Despite the lack of flying cars, there have still been several innovations. This has revolutionized the way people live their lives. 

In terms of technology, things such as smartphones continue to become more sophisticated. Every year brings forward newer and more improved versions of what’s currently available. Electric vehicles are another technological marvel. Now, this is starting to become more widespread with the proliferation of more EV models. These technological advances are remarkable proof of people’s capabilities and inventions. This is considering where humankind was a decade ago. 

Of course, science has also seen its share of progress over the past few decades. Among the many scientific marvels discovered, several were seen in the medical world. One perfect example is learning even more about psychedelic mushrooms—specifically, the science and research on these hallucinogenic mushrooms, showing all their benefits.

With that in mind, one would believe that shrooms are close to becoming accepted. But unfortunately, the road leading up to that is long, with many obstacles along the way. What’s more, in some places in the United States, these shrooms are still seen as something evil.

However, you can’t stop progress. This is something that scientific discoveries like that of shrooms are banking on. As such, it’s only a matter of time before things with mushrooms are seen in a more positive light. But, while that’s happening, there’s still a lot that needs to be done and understood about it. For magic mushrooms in Alabama, it may take a while for people to come to terms with these benefits.

Brief Definition: What are Magic Mushrooms

A few images are already in mind when anyone first hears about shrooms. Others would even have ideas in mind. Of course, some of the most common thoughts would make you hallucinate. At the same time, others think of a psychedelic trip. But, of course, while you aren’t necessarily wrong to think so, it would be unfair only to limit these ideas.

These shrooms are indeed hallucinogenic substances. But they’re not something you can take to get “high.” Since the Aztecs, this fungus has been used for medical and spiritual purposes. These shrooms are used for people’s benefit, from attempting to cure you to allowing yourself in an elevated state. 

Of course, people didn’t know what made these mushrooms so magical back then. However, people now know where the magic comes from through science and research. This comes from psilocybin. Psilocybin handles its psychoactive properties, and this helps people have an elevated state of mind. Psilocybin even helps them go on psychedelic trips.

However, shrooms have become more than a substance to help you reach an elevated state of mind. Recent research has also helped reveal another possible benefit of these psychedelics. Specifically, psilocybin in these shrooms can assist in medical treatments.

Laws on Psychedelic Mushrooms in Alabama

drug law book with pair of eyeglasses on top

With all people learning about shrooms, you’d think it would change how they view it. But unfortunately, that isn’t exactly the case, and the progress somehow doesn’t necessarily translate to the fungus’ public perception. 

Despite the progress, some things make people apprehensive. This is on accepting that magic mushrooms aren’t all that bad. One of the best examples is how most of the United States treats this substance. Currently, most US classifies psilocybin mushrooms as Schedule 1 drugs.

A Schedule 1 drug is a substance with a high potential for abuse. This also has no approved medical benefit. These become controlled substance which is seen as something that can only bring a person harm. Because of this, it becomes harder for people to be open to their accepted medical benefits.

With that in mind, the magic mushroom is essentially illegal in a place like Alabama. This would mean having shrooms in your possession would land you in trouble. Having possession of psychedelic mushrooms would get you charged with a felony offense. This means you’ll have to serve some time in jail and possibly pay a hefty fine.

The Future of Psilocybin Mushrooms

Given that Alabama still views psilocybin as a Schedule 1 drug. Does that mean there’s little that can be done to change it? Not necessarily. While it may seem bleak at this point, some things can still give you hope.

While psilocybin is illegal in most states, some have already decriminalized it. What’s more, Oregon has taken it a step further and decided to legalize psilocybin for medical use. With all that happening, there’s still some hope that other states. Hoping they will follow suit and choose to change how they view psilocybin.

With all the information science is bringing forward, it would be tough to deny these benefits. From being able to help treat mental illnesses to an effective form of palliative care. Magic mushrooms have proven to be a promising substance for more than meditation.

dried mexican magic mushrooms

Much research has been brought forward at this point, and these mushrooms haven’t even come close to being fully understood. This would mean that there’s still more potential to be learned about these shrooms in terms of human benefit. What’s more, all the research will only support that the shroom does more good than harm.

With all that in mind, the future of psilocybin mushrooms still looks bright. Despite progress being slow and many obstacles ahead. It’s only a matter of time before things start looking up and these mushrooms become legal. All one can do now is wait and continue paying attention to science and research.

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