Mycena Cyanorrhiza: Is Mycena Psychoactive?

Mycena Cynorrhiza is a distinct mushroom because it is small and white, with a blue base. They mostly grow in the forest, on wood, and the spore prints are also white. They are still called hallucinogenic mushrooms though not all contain Psilocybin.

Some Mycenae is edible while some are not, and they are too small to be added to cooking. The blue staining at the base of the Mycena Cyanorrhiza indicates Psilocybin though not all mushrooms, even in the same spot, have these blue hues. 


This mushroom reaches only a few centimeters in diameter. They frequently grow in sub-alpine regions because they like wood debris. The Psilocybin is the cause of their blue base though they are not as potent as other mushrooms. Finding one in the forest is a prize for anyone foraging because they are delicate kinds of mushrooms. 

  • Pileus

The pileus is about two to five mm. across and is covered with a gelatinous convex pellicle. It is colored translucent and pale brown when young but becomes white with age. 

  • Lamellae

It is about nine to 14 mm, towards the stripe. There are times when it becomes relatively broad or narrow. It is whitish or grey with a whitish edge. It is separable like an elastic-tough thread. 

  • Stipe

The stipe is flexuous and hollow, but the bulb is bulbous and is coloured pale grey to hyaline-white. The base is sky blue, which is springing from a white fibril. 

  • Spore

The spores are pip-shaped and slightly elongated and smooth. The mushroom has no taste and odour. 


Other Kinds of Mycena

Mycena is a large genus of mushrooms, but they are small, usually growing a few centimetres in width. The spore prints are distinctly white, and the caps are conical or bell-shaped with thin and fragile stems. Most of these mushrooms are brown or gray.

There are a few that are light, like the Mycena Cyanorrhiza. Most of them can only be identified using the microscope, so they are hardly recognized species. Most have unknown edibility as well. Other species like the Psilocybe Ovoideocystidiata shroom might be easier to find.

The Mycena Cynorrhiza is a small mushroom species, and the blue hue some of it has is a good indication that it falls in the psychoactive family of mushrooms. However, the small stature and size may not be enough to make it a potent source of Psilocybin. The most important thing is to ensure that any mushroom picked outdoors should be thoroughly examined first, especially this smaller species that are not easy to check regarding edibility and toxicity

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