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Psilocybin Metabolism: On Weight Loss and Diet

Throughout the years, there has always been a weight-loss fad and diet trending around the world. For years, people have been on the constant lookout for a way to help with weight management. The problem with a lot of these fads is that most of them are not sustainable in the long run, anchoring on restricted diets and extreme measures to get the desired results.

Though health and weight require a change of lifestyle, limiting yourself to food intake can only last for the short term. New alternatives will help with issues like obesity via methods that are more workable and more enduring. 

Psilocybin metabolism is a solution that can treat and assist obesity and other health problems like PTSD, alcoholism, depression, and other mental health conditions. This is a breakthrough for people whose illness is linked to being overweight, attributing to almost three million people dying each year, a grave problem experienced all over the world.

Current Studies on Psilocybin Metabolism

Obesity is considered a global epidemic, and treatment using psilocybin mushrooms promises positive results. Psilocybin is a compound found in magic mushrooms that has hallucinogenic effects on the brain. It can distort visual and auditory perception and change a person’s mood, physical and emotional states.

When used in safe doses, these properties can elicit responses in the brain that can help regulate metabolism and cravings. Psychedelics are even used to treat eating disorders, including anorexia and bulimia. Preclinical trials using psilocybin compounds confirm its effectiveness as a treatment for weight loss and food craving. 

Different pharmaceutical companies are conducting studies with official results from the trials proving to be positive. This can change even the public perception of psychedelics and magic mushrooms. Most countries today still consider the psilocybe mushroom as an illegal drug.

With the efforts of researchers and scientists, this natural wonder may help millions suffering from weight problems and eating disorders.

How Psilocybin Metabolism Work

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Weight loss and diet can be a mindset, but sometimes there are organic causes in the brain and underlying psychological causes that can trigger and aggravate the problem. One of the ways psilocybin helps is by helping the brain regulate the metabolism of our bodies.

This is basically the process that involves breaking down and combining nutrients and other compounds in the body to maintain body function. One includes the breakdown of food and the conversion of energy. If this is slow, you will have difficulty controlling your appetite, which results in weight gain and other physical instability.

Another way is by curbing food cravings and countering compulsive eating to help control the body’s cues. Aside from those, psilocybin can also help with overall cardiovascular health, regulate glucose levels to help treat diabetes, and help with high blood pressure. 

A fun way to take these is by infusing them into your lemon juice, creating lemon tek, or even making shroom cookies for your cheat day.

Psilocybin Metabolism and the Brain

In the brain, there are a lot of processes going on. Psilocybin can activate serotonin receptors, the primary neurotransmitter that is called nature’s appetite suppressant. They are responsible for the cravings, and it signals the brain when your stomach is full, so you know when to stop eating.

When you are satisfied at the right time, you tend to eat less. The problem with obesity is that there is an impairment in the signals, so the receptors get delayed messages, causing you to eat more than you should. This leads to gaining more and more weight over time because there is a loose control in the brain over your eating behavior.

A guided psychedelic psilocybin therapy can help put this pattern back to normal and improve metabolism and the overall quality of life. For those struggling with obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating can be a struggle, and magic mushrooms could also address that.

Psilocibin Mushroom Prescription

Helping a Patient Further

Aside from organic causes in the brain. A person can benefit from psilocybin metabolism as they explore key points in their life, personality, and subconscious that contribute to the problem. A positive psychedelic experience can help a person resolve issues from their past, in their subconscious, and painful experiences, which can help build self-esteem and release any unhealthy defense mechanisms that are impeding progress.


A Final word on Magic Mushrooms & Metabolism

There is so much to learn from psilocybin metabolism and more benefits from new research and treatment using this powerful compound. This presents opportunities for people who are looking to change their lives by managing their weight better. To the many hopefuls around the world, this news is another welcome addition to the alternatives they can try to improve their lives. 

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