The Difference Between Magic Truffles and Shrooms

When you think of psilocybin, the first thing that comes to mind would likely be magic mushrooms. After all, these are some of the most well-known sources of psilocybin. While it is not wrong to think about shrooms, there is another one. This is another fungus containing psilocybin.

Enter the magic truffle. During the early 2000s, the Dutch authorities banned shrooms. Then, this little specimen became the alternative to getting psilocybin. Since then, it’s become an alternative way of taking yourself on psychedelic trips. While it’s still not as popular as magic mushrooms, these truffles can give you the same effects.

But what are magic truffles anyway? Where did they come from, and what are they like? Which one would be better when it comes to magic truffles vs. mushrooms? These are some of the questions that you might have right now. Don’t worry, because you’ll have your answers to those questions. Also, there’d be a few more bits of information on these truffles!

With that being said, get ready to learn more about magic truffles!

What’s a Magic Truffle?

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The name “magic truffle” is a misnomer because they aren’t truffles. These aren’t even wholly different organisms. Magic truffles are a part of the magic mushroom.

These so-called truffles are the sclerotia of the psychedelic mushroom. The sclerotia are hardened pieces of the mushroom’s mycelium or roots. These are also found in some other mushroom species. This part of the mushroom serves as storage and a food source for the mushrooms to aid in growth.

Magic mushrooms are known to contain psilocybin in the entire mushroom. This makes sense that their sclerotia would have it too. As people have learned, this is true.

The Physical Characteristics of Truffles and Magic Mushrooms

As for physical characteristics, the two have more differences than similarities.

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As for similarities, these two only have one thing in common. These two have the psychoactive compounds psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin. These are the substances they contain. But, aside from that, these are two very different things.

Unlike mushrooms, magic truffles are a little less picky about growing environments. When it comes to differences, they start at the growth stage. Typically, shrooms would need an environment that is both damp and humid to grow. If the conditions aren’t ideal, chances are there will be no shroom growth. This is where the truffles come in.

Since the above-ground environment isn’t favorable, the shrooms will choose to grow underground. This will then result in the growth of magic truffles. These underground growths are more resistant to unfavorable conditions. Compared to shrooms, they can withstand heat and lack water.

As for growth in different environments, they have to be collected differently. For example, shrooms can be picked by hand because you can find them above ground. Truffles, on the other hand, have to be dug up first because they grow underground.

dried mexican magic mushrooms

Compared to magic mushrooms, the water content of truffles is lower. This makes drying them faster and easier to do. But, when they’re dried, there are even more noticeable differences between the two. One of the most obvious differences can be seen in their size and shape. Amazingly, you can have shrooms of all shapes and sizes. However, truffles are consistently small and compact in form.

Besides appearances, these two have very different textures when dried. Typically, mushrooms are still soft and pliable when dried. This makes them easier to handle, especially if you want to break them down or chop them. On the other hand, truffles are hard and rough. Because of this, it becomes more difficult to break them down. Sometimes it requires the use of a grinder.

Trip Differences Between Magic Mushrooms and Truffles

The two also have other differences other than their physical characteristics. Shrooms and magic truffles have a few differences in trip characteristics. But, even if they are two different forms of fungus, they’re part of the same organism. This means that their differences may not be that drastic. Nonetheless, it’ll be good to see how one form compares to the other in certain aspects.

  1. Potency
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As for potency, many believe that magic mushrooms are more potent than truffles. But this perception is based on anecdotal evidence rather than scientific. Truffles and mushrooms contain the same psychoactive compounds since they’re the same organism. This means that they can give you the same effects, which would be taking you on a psychedelic trip.

The possible reason people view this part of the mushroom as less potent could be the way it’s consumed. Unlike mushrooms, truffles are weighed more accurately. Truffles also have labels that describe their potency. Also, when they are sold, they usually come with instructions. This most likely encourages users to consume them more carefully.

In turn, people are more cautious in their consumption. People would then believe that they are experiencing a less potent trip. As for consuming mushrooms, you might be gauging it more based on previous experience. This leads to another possible “difference” in their potency: their psilocybin content.

Another reason people have is the distribution of their psilocybin content. People perceive that shrooms are more potent in this department. Since it comes in various shapes and sizes, shrooms’ psilocybin concentrations also differ. Meanwhile, truffles come in more consistent, small sizes. This makes them have a more consistent psilocybin content throughout.

  1. Trip Intensity

The intensity of the trip depends a lot on the potency of the magic mushrooms. As with their potency, the trip intensity will essentially be the same. It depends entirely on the amount of psilocybin that is present in the truffle.

Since truffles are more consistent in dosage, you can better grasp how intense you want your trip to be. This is more difficult to do with shrooms as the dosages despite consuming the same weight.

Whatever the case, the trip’s intensity will depend on the number of truffles consumed.

  1. Safety

The safety of the two psychedelic fungi depends on a few factors. The first factor would relate to the psilocybin content of the two.

Consumption safety depends a lot on their psilocybin content. When it comes to truffles, you can gauge the dosage better. This is due to their potency being more or less the same. This is because truffles are more consistent in the amounts of psilocybin. This is in a certain quantity compared to shrooms. By knowing the dosage, you’re assured of consuming an amount that you can handle. This can then help prevent you from having a bad trip.

A truffles’ dosage is more quantifiable and controllable. Compared to shrooms you cannot easily note their dosage. This makes it even safer to trip with truffles as you avoid psilocybin overload. 

Aside from that, another factor influencing safety is your set and setting. This factor doesn’t matter if you’re consuming truffles or shrooms.

The setting is an external factor that you easily have control over. This would mean the safety factor is in your hands. This means you have to be in a good headspace and an appropriate tripping environment.

For as long as you’ve made sure that you’re in the proper setting, you’ll be as safe, regardless of what form you consume.

Magic Mushrooms vs. Magic Truffles: Can I Eat Both?

With the existence of two forms of psilocybin, it only makes sense that people would wonder if they can eat both. The answer to that is yes. But, what’s not important is whether you can eat both. The more important question is whether you should.

When consuming any psychedelics, be it in shroom or truffle form, you have first to ask yourself if it’s safe to do. More specifically, will you be able to handle consuming both or not?

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In terms of dosages, remember that shrooms are not as consistent as truffles. So, you won’t be aware of the amount you’ll be consuming if you eat both. As a result, there is a chance that you might be consuming more than you’re used to. This could then lead you to a bad trip or experience the symptoms of an overdose.

While an overdose may not lead to death, that could still be a very uncomfortable experience.

In light of this, it’s best to be responsible for your psilocybin consumption. Choosing one form over the other will be ideal if you decide to go on a trip. It’s also good to know your dosage and start low if you don’t know it yet.

But, if you can’t resist the urge to try both, at least make sure you can handle it. Also, take the necessary precautions. These are if you are in a safe environment and have a trip-sitter with you. While mixing both is not recommended, at least take the necessary steps to be responsible.


Magic mushroom truffles are another form of psychedelic fungus out there. While they’re not as popular as the magic mushroom, they can give you the same effects. This is because truffles also contain psilocybin.

While they differ in appearance, they’re essentially similar. The only difference is the physical form they come in. In terms of psychoactive ingredients and psychedelic effects, they’re also more consistent in terms of psilocybin dosage.

Magic truffles are as effective as the actual mushroom. This is despite what others claim about its potency and effects. You should treat them with the same amount of caution as magic mushrooms, which means carefully dosing and tripping safely.

Don’t judge the truffle by its appearance. It can pack the same punch as any magic mushroom you find out there!

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