Kratom and Shrooms: What to Expect When Consumed Together?

There are always newer ways to be found for a healthier and better life.  Nowadays, people turn to nature to find their answers.

There is a chance of finding a new solution to humankind’s quest for a healthier life. Whether it’s in a new superfood or a medicinal plant.  Given that nature is far from being explored, it makes sense that there’s still so much more to discover.

So far, there have already been many “discoveries” for a suitable healthy lifestyle. These are in new foods, plants, or other consumables. Some of these were actually adopted from old medicinal practices, such as the use of kratom.


What people know as kratom is actually a leaf of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. This tree is in the same family as the coffee plant. It is a common sight in many countries in Southeast Asia and can also be found in places like Papua New Guinea.

Kratom was used in traditional herbal medicine. It has several uses in treating different diseases and medical conditions. This little leaf was either brewed as tea or chewed.  Today, people still use kratom but there are more available preparations.  Also, there are now extracts, pills, and even ground kratom you can put on your food.

Kratom has had a history of being used as traditional medicine. This was used to treat various illnesses and diseases. To this day, some people still use it for medicinal purposes. But, aside from that, it’s also for recreational use.

Kratom Effects

Mitragynine is the main active component in kratom leaves. It has effects on the body like opioids. This is because mitragynine also acts on the opioid receptors in the body, like morphine. This would induce a kind of pain-relieving, pleasurable, and sedative effect.

man with an upset stomach

These pain-relieving effects are usually observed in larger quantities. Meanwhile, in smaller quantities, kratom has a whole different effect. It’s known to have a more stimulant, energy-boosting effect if taken in smaller amounts. This refers to mitragynine’s ability to also interact with receptors that cause stimulation.

One other effect of kratom is its said ability to boost one’s sexual drive. This is one of its more popular effects, 

Unfortunately, not all kratom’s effects are positive. There are also many adverse effects that it can have on you. Based on several studies and reports, kratom can cause adverse effects. These effects are a dry mouth, constipation or an upset stomach, confusion, and a loss of appetite. These effects were harmful enough that they had to seek medical attention for help.

Right now, studies are being done on kratom for its possible therapeutic effects. But, knowledge on its safety is still lacking. Despite its alleged benefits, there is still much concern when it comes to its use in medicine.

Kratom Overdose

Drowsy woman

Not everything is without risk, and kratom is no exception to this. Studies report kratom to be beneficial and have therapeutic effects. But insufficient knowledge on its safe dosages still poses a risk to its users. Because of this, there is still a high risk of people overdosing on kratom if not consumed properly.

Note that kratom still has low cases of overdose compared to other opioid-based drugs. Aside from that, most reported cases of a kratom overdose are actually with another drug. So, there is still very little known about what happens in the event of a kratom overdose alone.

With the information gathered, there have been common symptoms pointing to kratom overdose. Some include an increase in heart rate, hypertension, agitation, and irritability. Others have nausea, seizures, drowsiness, and a coma in some cases.

Kratom addiction and withdrawal

Even if overdosing is rare, there are still some other adverse effects it could have on your body. For example, one could become addicted to the substance. While it has been said that kratom may have a low potential for abuse, people can still get addicted to it. As it has effects like opioid-based substances, people could get hooked on how it would make them feel. This even makes them dependent on it.

With the risk of addiction also comes the risk of having withdrawal from it.  Even if it has a small number of reported cases, there were others who experienced some symptoms.  Symptoms range from irritability to anxiety and depression. Usually, these withdrawal symptoms were observed after the effects of kratom wore off.

Uses off-label or recently approved

Kratom use is a self-prescribed thing, where people would use it a lot like a herbal supplement. But, it’s used for various reasons, a lot of which was based on its uses in traditional medicine.

People have used it for pain management, which would make sense because it is like opioids.  It is also used to treat anxiety and depression symptoms. However, this is done through self-medication. Kratom was also said to treat an addiction to opioids. It was seen to be successful based on some reports where it was used as a treatment.

But there is a problem here. The findings that became the basis of the studies came from self-reports of kratom users. This poses a problem as it is not that accurate.  Because of this, the US FDA has still not found any purpose for the use of kratom. Thus, while studies are still ongoing, there are still no approved uses for it.

Despite this, people still choose to use kratom. This is either for therapeutic or recreational purposes. Even with the risks of side effects, people also take kratom with other substances. One example of a substance used in combination with it would be psilocybin mushrooms.

Kratom and Magic Mushrooms

dried psilocybin mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms, also known as magic mushrooms, are used for centuries. This is either for religious rituals and spiritual enlightenment. Nowadays, people still use them for those purposes as well as purposes of recreation.

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in shrooms, is said to help put a person in an elevated state of mind. Sensory perception changes, even intensified. This gives people a whole new way of seeing things. It can also help a person unwind and be in a more conducive state for meditation.

At present, shrooms are being studied for their possible use in the field of medicine. It’s shown promise in treating mental illnesses. Such examples are depression, anxiety, and even schizophrenia. Despite this, it’s still considered an illegal substance in the majority of the USA.

Right now, studies are still scarce on the usage of both substances. But people have already experimented. They said that kratom and shrooms, when taken together, help enhance the feeling of the trip.  Right now, the evidence is yet to be found. But testimonies have emerged that it helps make going in and out of the trip more pleasant. What’s more, it intensifies the elevated state of mind you are in. It also gives you more intense body sensations.

Unfortunately, a lot of these descriptions are anecdotal and still need to be studied. Furthermore, kratom and psilocybin are not understood on their own. The effects they have together are most likely still unknown posing a lot of risks for people who take them.

What experts say

Despite its effects, one must remember that correlation does not always imply causation.

Current findings do show that it’s safe and may have a low potential for abuse. More studies still have to be done to understand the full extent of its effects.

kratom powder and pills

People should still be cautious of their kratom consumption. The safe amounts to consume are still yet to be discovered. People should also try to avoid consuming this with other drugs or substances. The interactions with one another and with humans are also still unknown. Even if this comes from nature, that isn’t a sign that consuming kratom is safe.

Right now, kratom isn’t illegal in the majority of the US. But, the FDA doesn’t regulate any kratom-related production. This poses another problem. People may not know what they’re getting when they get a kratom supplement. It could be a contaminated batch or one that hasn’t been processed for all they know.

People should still be careful with kratom even if it’s traditional medicine. It does have its benefits, but the dangers it poses on the body may still outweigh them.  It is still best to take it easy when consuming kratom. We have to wait for further studies to prove its benefits.

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