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Magic Mushrooms: How to Get Help, Therapy & Treatment

Psychedelic mushrooms or magic mushrooms have existed long before people have discovered their use. People long ago have used them whether in shroom cooking or dried consumption for religious rituals, and mushroom statues are also present in places where people believe that the ancient people before have worshipped them because of their magical effects. The use of magic mushrooms has spread in every country because of its growing popularity. Moreover, because of this, many people are getting addicted to the use of these shrooms. It would often get to the point where they will crave the taste of it every day, and worse, users would starve and ache for much stronger effects and opt for illegal drugs. As early as possible, users must seek help and treatment to avoid such circumstances from happening.

How to help those who are suffering from withdrawal or addiction?

Users who are experiencing withdrawal should seek help from friends or relatives who can give them advice and stay with them throughout their recovery. The shroomers can also go to a doctor if they do not feel comfortable getting help from someone close to them. Reality hits addicted shroomers sooner than expected and thus, the need to accept that magic mushrooms will not provide them pleasure and happiness forever will come up. It’s important to have the self-awareness that using them regularly is not going to erase the feelings of sadness, anxiety, and depression but only alleviates them for a time.

The continuous intake of magic mushrooms and the act of consuming a higher dosage can develop the user’s tolerance. Taking the same amount or dosage is not always going to give the same desired effect. He or she may try to increase the dosage to try and achieve the feeling he wants until the dosage feels like it is never enough anymore, causing an overdose.  

Some users will experience difficulties when they suddenly decide to stop using magic mushrooms because their bodies have already gotten used to psychedelic chemicals from the shrooms, and they will need time to adjust so they can go back to their normal functions. 


The user can also opt for rehabilitation. They can attend counseling to discuss the substance abuse and answer the questions: When did it start, why did the use of shrooms happen, and why can the user not stop. The assistance that the counselor can give to the user in answering the questions can make the user get to the source of his addiction and take action. The counseling sessions can also help the user make strategies on how they can avoid the use of these drug shrooms. 

Getting down under the covers of addiction and failing to get out is something that users should always avoid because being buried deep means that the way out will not be an easy one. Although magic mushrooms are not illegal in some countries, people who are free to use them should not abuse their availability. These mushrooms allow people to experience happiness, but users should be smart enough to stop when they feel like they are already taking a wrong turn. 

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