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Shrooms dosage | What is the Right Amount?

Magic mushrooms are widely known for their extraordinary ability to rewire people’s brains. They produce an element called psilocybin. This psilocybin enters the body when shroomers ingest the mushroom, and the body breaks it down to psilocin. The latter goes to the brain and alters the brain’s serotonin, which transfers messages between sensory nerves.

While it is true that magic mushrooms produce effects like extreme happiness, relaxation, or a feeling of lightness, they can also give some adverse effects when the dosage is too much. It is good to take note that too much of something is never good. That is why regular users must know the proper mushroom dosage to avoid any problem and have a safe experience. Here are some guidelines on the proper dosages when taking magic mushrooms:

micro dosing magic mushroom and measuring is weight with a measuring scale

Microdose: 0.1 – 0.5 grams

The microdose is considered the lowest dose. This dose is the better choice for people who are starting their journey of discovering magic mushrooms because it will allow the user to see and test the effect of the magic mushroom on himself. It will help prevent any overwhelming experiences that might catch the users unprepared.

Some shroomers call this micro-dosing because they only take amounts that are not too much to send them to another universe when they take it. The dose can make the user feel energetic and aware of all his actions. Users usually take this dose for self-enhancement. For example, when the user is working, he will see himself in a bird’s eye view and determine which work he should do first to avoid any mistakes. 

Low Dose: 0.6 – 1.5 grams

The low dosage also produces the same effect as a microdose. The dosage can also make the user feel the state of being too giggly and philosophical. It can cause the user to lose control of his emotion, like laughing too much over something that is not that funny or crying over little things like breaking the tip of a pencil.

The user will still stay functional and can interact and perform the daily activities he is doing. However, the effects vary from person to person.

Moderate Dose: 1.6 – 3.5 grams

The moderate dose can cause a lot of mind alteration and reality augmentation but will still keep the user fit to interact with the people around him. It can cause overreactions and depersonalization or disorientation. A person can even experience a sudden burst of emotion and mood instability.

High Dose: 3.6 – 5 grams and above

This dose can offer the user one of the most out of the world experience. That is why this is perfect for those who are seeking an extreme adventure. It completely alters all the senses of the user and brings him to another universe where nothing is the same as the normal one. The user can feel enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

However, the effect of high dosages is not all positive. There are certain circumstances where the user can feel paranoia or the extreme fear of being in danger. The user will experience anxiety of persecution, thinking of threats around every corner.

Take Care when Taking a Dose of Magic Mushrooms

The measurement for the dosages does not yield the same effect on people because some factors can alter the outcomes. Information on magic mushroom, the mindset of the individual, and his experience in taking the mushrooms can act as factors.

Despite famous people promoting the use of shrooms, it will not be a great trip for everyone. Ask questions like “Is the person a first-time user? Is the user already a veteran in consuming magic mushrooms? Was the user in a state of sadness, disappointment, or happiness when he took the magic mushrooms?”. Answers to these questions can help explain and predict the effect of taking magic mushrooms. 

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