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Cooking with Shrooms | Tips & Tricks

Get the Most Out of Your Psychedelic Mushrooms

Psychedelic mushrooms have a lot of rich chemical constituents like psilocybin and psilocin. Though preparing a mushroom for ingesting can simply be chewing dried mushrooms straight up, some people prefer something more appealing to the taste buds. Though they generally are great culinary ingredients, not a lot of people know how to cook hallucinogenic ones. There are different useful tips and tricks one can do to get the most of these mushrooms down below:

Do not wash or soak the mushroom

This trick applies to all kinds of mushrooms. Anyone can be tempted to clean mushrooms by submerging it in water or even by soaking them for some time. Doing this will make the mushroom soak up water that will turn slimy. Chefs and mushroom experts alike say that dry mushrooms are always the delicious ones. To ensure a clean one before any preparation, use a paper towel or brush them lightly to remove any dirt. 

No-Cook Magic Mushrooms

For novice mushroom lovers, there are plenty of ways to eat magic mushrooms without putting them in a lot of heating process. Making chocolate with finely cut mushrooms or powdered ones using a coffee grinder is simple and easy. One can always adjust the sweetness, choose any favorite kind of chocolate, and enjoy the treat while looking forward to a good trip. The recipe is simple, mix the chocolate and the finely cut mushroom into a mold until it hardens. Churning any flavor for ice cream will turn the mushroom into a cold treat. For people who like to drink smoothies, blend the powder into the drink for a refreshing experience. For people who prefer hot drinks, add the powder to a combination of cacao, oat milk, spices, and other anti-inflammatory herbs for a tasty latte.

Baking with Psychedelic Mushrooms

Baking mushrooms into brownies, cookies, and even bread can make it a perfect pair to afternoon tea. An alternative is to use no-bake methods using cacao or coconut oil to avoid exposing the mushroom to high temperatures. Baking in smaller sizes will also help the dough bake faster, so the finished product can be out of the oven in no time. The classic chocolate chip cookies are an easy recipe to follow. It just needs flour, butter, brown and white sugar, chocolate chunks, and the finely chopped mushroom pieces. The batter will bake better when frozen before popping in the oven. Ensure that each cookie has a safe amount of dose to ensure no one eats a lot and end up with a bad trip. 

Magic Mushroom Meals

risotto with magic mushroom and cheese on top of the chopping board Serving psychedelic mushrooms like a person would an ordinary mushroom is a great way to enjoy a meal. The shrooms do not need chopping because a person can chew them into pieces while eating. Most recipes also call for fresh ones, so people who want to have a variety in eating them raw can use this preparation. A good recipe is a risotto that would need different kinds of spices and herbs. Using other culinary mushrooms will make the dish tastier as well. The usual ingredients should be prepared using any traditional recipe. The magic mushroom is integrated by steeping it in a cup of stock for 30 minutes. Thicken the stock until it becomes creamy. While waiting, sautee the other ingredients, add everything to the rice, then add the mushrooms and grated cheese as toppings. The meal is served best hot. 

Healthy Eats

People on a weight loss journey can still enjoy preparing magic mushrooms without eating a lot. A magic mushroom salad is packed with nutrition to energize the body. A few green leafy vegetables, cheese, walnuts, sesame oil, and apple cider vinegar will make the perfect psychedelic salad. After washing and drying the ingredients, cut them into easy to bite pieces. The magic mushrooms can be chopped, dried, or fresh. Using other spices or flavors can make everything more delicious, like lemon juice, fresh fruits, onion powder, cilantro, etc. Preparing bigger batches by storing the rest in the refrigerator can help with minimal meal preparations for every day. 

Cooking with shrooms is attainable and enjoyable. The intense flavor will be enhanced by the mixture of the different ingredients, making it more savory and delectable. There are various other ways to cook with psychedelic mushrooms. The most important part is to make sure proper shroom dosing is still followed, especially for people who will take mushrooms for the first time. A good meal is better when shared among friends who want to go on the journey together. 

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