Blue Meanie Mushroom: Everything You Need to Know

When you say “magic mushroom,” you might think of your typical psychedelic mushroom. While it isn’t wrong to believe this, a psychedelic mushroom isn’t a specific kind of mushroom. There are actually various species of these kinds of mushrooms. These contain some sort of hallucinogenic or psychoactive compound.

In a majority of these mushrooms, psilocybin would be that hallucinogenic component. People usually refer to one specific strain despite its many species. This particular magic mushroom is known as Psilocybe cubensis. 

Also known as the “blue meanie,” this is one of the most popular strains of magic mushroom out there. This can grow in various environments and is easy to cultivate, making it easier to come across. But, there is another reason why it is popular. It’s one of the more potent strains of mushroom available. 

Before you go on looking for this mushroom, it is best to learn the basics. What mushroom is this? How can it be grown? Note that psilocybin and magic mushrooms are not exactly legal worldwide. So, be sure to know your local laws on this substance before doing anything with this magic piece.

What Can A Blue Meanie Do?

Due to its high potency, expect to have a more intense trip compared to other kinds of shrooms with blue meanies. So, you’ll need to take a smaller dose than you usually would with different strains.

But, like any other mushroom, a blue meanie trip would induce an elevated state of mind. Usual hallucinations and some feelings of euphoria will be present. There will also be an urge to be more introspective. Of course, there’s also the chance of feeling a physical high.

Unfortunately, there’s still the chance of getting a bad trip like any other shroom. Paranoia, nausea, and vomiting will be present. There is also a possibility of experiencing anxiety attacks. Other signs of a bad trip include cold sweats, palpitations, and even loss of coordination. That is why it is good to always be cautious. Also, remember to trip in a safe environment. Another tip is to have someone guide you through a safe trip.

Where’s This Mushroom Magically Appear?

The history of blue meanies isn’t that exactly clear. Yet, sources say that this kind of shroom originated from Cuba, hence the “cubensis” in the name. Other accounts note that they increased in Australia. The Australian accounts say that the blue meanies came from cattle bought from Cape of Good Hope. This was between the late 18th and the early 19th century. Moreover, it came from the dung of these cattle.

Whatever its origin, blue meanie has been used, which dates back centuries. This kind of shroom was used by various people of cultures around the world. Aztecs are a good example. It was said that they use magic mushrooms to connect with higher powers and go on spiritual journeys. Cave paintings also reveal the use of shrooms in North Africa and other regions of Europe. 

To this day, people still use it for similar reasons. While others are for recreational purposes. This goes to show that the effects of these mushrooms have transcended the passage of time. 

What Do Blue Meanies Look Like?

“Blue meanie” is derived from its bruising blue tendency when handled.

blue meanie mushrooms in a container

Despite appearing bruise blue, these mushrooms have a light brown to a pale brown colored cap. As for their caps, their shape can range from convex to flat. The caps sit on a whitish to yellowish stalk with a membranous ring around them. When it is about to release its spores, it first grows a web-like veil that ruptures upon spore release.

Do take note that these are the typical characteristics of blue meanies. The color, shape, and size can still vary.

Growing and Cultivating Blue Meanie Mushrooms

It is said that blue meanies grow the easiest. They can produce a fruitful batch and have a short colonization time. In fact, growing these kinds of mushrooms doesn’t have any strict guidelines. They can thrive in any environment but are found in tropical areas. So, you can find the blue meanie in regions such as Central and South America and Southeast Asia. If that wasn’t enough to emphasize how easy they are to grow, these mushrooms could also grow from cow dung. 

Any and all methods available will help produce a good batch in managing blue meanies. Blue meanies can easily grow, no matter what way they are used. But it should be carried out correctly. Stick to the instructions and steps the process requires, and do your best not to deviate from it at all. Otherwise, these may result in a poor mushroom yield and a waste of good shrooms. 

What’s Better: DIY-ing It or Buying?

We know now that blue meanies are easy to grow and cultivate. You may also be asking, would this mean that growing them would be the best option? Not necessarily.

Like planting, growing your own blue meanie mushrooms needs skill and experience. No matter how easy it is to do, you still need to cultivate this specific skill. Even if they can thrive in about any condition, raising them in any method will require you to follow the process to the dot. It is vital to follow any instructions and steps to the condition of whatever way is chosen. Deviating from that would end up with a less than optimal blue meanie yield.

Growing psychedelic mushrooms is an easy option if you have experience in this field. It would be favorable as you already have the right equipment and ideal cultivation setup. So, if you have little to no experience, buying them would be a better alternative.

By buying your mushrooms from a skilled grower or a store, you’re at least assured of a good batch of mushrooms. That means things such as their potency and condition are of the utmost quality. The proper dosage and amount that you can take should also be considered. At least, you should ask whoever you’re buying from.


Even if it has been used for centuries for recreational purposes, psilocybin mushrooms aren’t legal everywhere. Even if it is backed by studies saying that it is safe, psychedelic mushrooms aren’t legal yet. Well, it is not legal everywhere, to be specific. In the United States, psychedelic mushrooms are a Schedule 1 controlled substance. It is also illegal to have such substances. Oakland, California, is the only exception. Recently, psychedelic mushrooms have been legalized. 

Because these mushrooms are not yet accepted, one must still do what one can to follow their local laws. It would be best to avoid such substances if having these in your possession would land you in jail, whether purchased or home-grown.

Despite all that, try your best not to worry. Recent studies show tons of benefits from psychedelic mushrooms. Hopefully, we can expect authorities to change their stance on the subject matter. At the least, decriminalization is still possible. This will still be one good step to having these become legal.


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