B+ mushrooms: Psilocybe Cubensis strain

Shroomers have their preferences when it comes to their mushrooms. Some would base theirs depending on the effect, availability, or price. Mushrooms come in various species and strains that have different outcomes when shroomers ingest them.

This is an essential factor that they consider when deciding which mushroom they will settle for recreational purposes. When it comes to mushroom growers, they choose to grow those they can easily take care of or those that do not need or take too much time to propagate. One of the easy maintenance mushrooms that someone with no expertise can grow is the B+ Mushrooms.

B+ Mushrooms are famous among first-time shroomers or mushroom planters. It is a Psilocybe Cubensis that is one of the species of Psychedelic Fungi. Psilocybin and psilocin are the main components of this type of shroom, and these elements cause hallucinations when the mushrooms break down during their stay inside the body.

Although this mushroom has yet to be studied, it is now garnering much attention from veteran and beginner shroomers alike. 

dried magic mushroom sealed tight in a zip lock

What are the characteristics of B+ Mushrooms?

This mushroom strain is resilient and adaptable. It can grow even with the most minimal attention the planter gives it. This shroom can stay in your backyard without any care, and it will grow just fine. It is also adaptable to any environment, may it be dry, wet, or humid.

This mushroom adjusts to any maintenance, and that is why beginners, who do not know anything about taking care of one, can choose to grow this. Also, this mushroom tends to grow-up larger than other common magic mushrooms. It is often called a giant fruiter because it can have a height of six inches up to eight inches, and its cap can have a diameter ranging from one to three inches.

The increase and decrease of the temperature when growing B+ Mushrooms can also affect their color. It can have a caramel-colored cap when it is growing in nature with chilly temperatures, and its color can sometimes change into a golden color when it is in a place with warm temperatures. 

How to grow and cultivate B+ Mushrooms

One way of growing mushrooms is by buying a ready-to-grow kit available in any authorized mushroom seller. It contains germinated spores called mycelium, so all you have to do is to set it up for propagation. This kit bears magic mushroom spores and complete easy-to-follow instructions so that the first-time planter can do the procedure even without any expert supervision. Of course, should the mushrooms become detrimental to your daily functioning, there are ways to get help and treatment.

Mushrooms have different characteristics, and these contribute to their popularity. It comes in various species and strains that have their uniqueness that make them more eye-catching and appetizing in the shroom takers’ eyes.

Although some researchers have limited studies on other magic mushroom species and information or data is still not available for them, they continue to research each species to classify them and find out their different benefits and uses.

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